Our Neurological & Chiropractic Services | Ringgold, GA

Neurological Exam:

A complete neurological exam is important to properly diagnose and ultimately treat many forms of neurological and musculo-skeletal conditions. During the physical, initial visit, Dr. Walker will take a complete history and examination to get to the root of the cause and design a specific treatment plan for you. The physical is really where the quality time is spent with the patient to access, diagnose, and come up with treatment options to help with care.

Every patient will go through an extensive tailored exam. This allows for a care plan that will give the patient the best potential outcome(s). Whether you have neck/back pain, dizziness, headaches, trouble concentrating, or any other form of imbalance an exam that looks at all aspects of the body is important. Low back pain could be from muscles in the back being to tight, spasm, or not firing properly to allow for proper movement sequencing. All this could be true but all involve and are predicated on the nervous system and how the brain responses to external stimuli. If the brain cant do its job this can cause tight muscles, spasm, and an area that cant respond properly.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic can be an appropriate treatment for many conditions that may be ailing the body. Dr. Walker uses a chiropractic, along with neurological, approach to implement a treatment and care plan to best help you. As chiropractic neurologist the adjustment can be a very powerful tool to help you get back on track to living your life.

Receptor- Based Rehab

We have different receptors all over our body for touch, smell, taste, vision, and even to sense when we are moving. These receptors make up our different body systems such as musculo-skuletal system, nervous system, and sensory system. When these different receptors aren’t functioning properly they can cause the brain to loose focus and cause inappropriate firing to different systems of the body. This can cause us to be off-balance, muscles to move inappropriately, and not allow the brain to do its job.

BrainSpineConnection looks at these different receptors to see how they are functioning. If there is inappropriate firing of a system therapies are implemented to help the system return back to a normal firing state. Some of the different rehab strategies that are used are:

Vision training | Vestibular rehab | Chiropractic Adjustments | Post- Concussion Rehab