Conditions We Treat | Ringgold, GA

Balance issues

We rely on 3 basic systems for balance, our eyes, vestibular system, and proprioception; any decreases in these systems can cause many types of balance issues. Knowing where we are in space and getting around each and everyday is critical for all aspects life. When there is a decrease in these systems we can have dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, and even neck/back pain. YES, not only can balance issues cause you not to move around in your environment correctly but also can cause a tight neck and low back pain.

An in depth and quality physical exam is pertinent to someone that is going through these types of symptoms. It is through the right questions, exams, and care that relief and quality of life can be achieved.


A concussion can also be known as TBI or mildTBI, can be caused from a blow, bump, or fall to the head or body that rapidly moves the brain back and forth in the skull. This can change how the brain normally functions day-to-day. The symptoms associate with this can range anywhere from light or sound sensitivity, irritability, fatigue, memory disturbances, racing heart, and pain anywhere in the body. The nervous system is an amazing system but during a concussion is very prone to all types of twisting, stretching, and bending of nervous system tissues.

It is essential that the proper diagnosing and treatment of someone with a concussion be made. Dr. Walker takes this very seriously and understands what you are going through as well as how to help. Suffering doesn’t have to be something that you constantly live with.

Movement Disorders

Is a neurological disorder that affects how the body moves. It affects the speed, quality, and ease of a certain movement. We strive to try and find out the cause of the excessive, inadequate, or inappropriate movement. Some examples of movement disorders are;

  • Parkinsons
  • Tics
  • ADHD
  • Dystonia or Torticollis

These can affect the brain and body in multiple different ways, and it is our goal to give you your life back as much as possible.

Neck/Back Pain

Pain can be as little as bumping your elbow shaking it off and going about your day to a chronic and debilitating condition. It is true that you may feel pain in your neck or back but this isn’t exactly true. The act of feeling pain or nociception is actually represented in the brain. When our brains aren’t working properly, from trauma, stress, lack of sleep, etc  can cause us to feel pain. This is why is important to make sure our brain and the structures that it modulates is working properly. When our brains are healthy we can enjoy life better and do so much more that we are capable of.