Zach Walker DC DACNB-min

“For me chiropractic and functional neurology go hand-in-hand together. By doing both it gives me a better way of accessing my patients and truly getting to the root of the cause and providing the best care I know that I can give”

-Dr. Walker

About Doctor Walker

Dr. Walker is a Life University graduate where he obtained his bachelors in Exercise Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degree(s).  While attending Life University this is where he started getting into Functional Neurology. He has been studying and doing Functional Neurology for the past 3 years. His passion for Functional Neurology lead him to the Carrick Institute, one of the most prestigious places to study Functional Neurology, where he has recently earned his DACNB (Diplomat of American Chiropractic Neurology Board). To earn a DACNB the practitioner needs over 300 hours in accredited neurology courses. It is Dr. Walker’s goal to provide the most up to date research based chiropractic and functional neurology to his patients. He takes a patient based module and approach to every case that he sees.

By obtaining his DACNB this gives him the skills to see patients that are suffering from balance issues, concussion(s), Headaches, Movement Disorders, fatigue, and more.

To find out what exactly functional neurology is please visit the functional neurology tab on the home screen.