10% Brain Power

Have you ever heard the old adage that we only use 10% of our brains? Well, this is true…….. but it also is very false as well. I know, it is already starting to be confusing already, haha let me explain. A better statement would be that 10-20% of our brains are under volitional control. This means that we are aware of it or we are wanting to do it. This would be for feeling different sensations (smell, sight, hearing, tasting, and proprioception), wanting to move around, or have a conversation with someone. The other 90% of the brain is for control that we aren’t even aware of.

This 90% of the brain is responsible for pain, muscle tone, our posture, some aspects of thought and skin perception, blood pressure/hear rate, and others. 90% of the brain is what we call inhibitory and allows us to live our day-to-day lives better and easier. When we put on a shirt we feel the sensation of the shirt but after a few seconds we forget that we have the shirt on until we move again or when we are at a stop light we understand that the stop light is red but we don’t have to keep telling ourselves that it is red over and over. We can see that a lot of these examples are also some of the big reasons that we miss work or cant spend time with our loved ones (having to much pain, hear disease, or spinal degeneration. These are some aspects that we will be discussing later on in the month, so make sure you stay tunes for that. What is so important and fascinating about this is that for a while it was thought that these aspects of our brains couldn’t really be affected and we are just born with what we have, such as heart disease, bad blood pressure, spinal issues, pain syndromes, etc. However, this isn’t the case anymore and this is where chiropractic and functional neurology come together.

There is more research coming out that there are numerous ways that can help this 90% of the brain work better. When the brain is working properly our pain is decreased, we have better control of our posture, our concentration is better, anxiety can be decreased, brain-fog is decreased, etc. However, when it isn’t this is when we start to get spinal degeneration, increases in pain, changed in muscle tome from left to right, or possibly even more migraines and headaches (migraines will be discussed more in later months). Some of the ways we can help this is by giving our brain(s) better physical and mental stimuli. This is in the form of exercise, eating right, reading books that interest us, and trying to decrease stressors in our life. All of these examples are exciting the brain in ways that allows the 90% to work better and do its job more efficiently. This is exactly why and how chiropractic neurology helps too. Brain-based therapies allow us to target different parts of the brain that aren’t working correctly and change them so we can have decreases in pain, concentrate better, have better posture, etc.

As a Chiropractic Neurologist, it is our job to see what areas of the brain and spine aren’t working correctly and change the way different parts of the brain are firing to allow for better overall brain function. For us to walk, use our eyes, or speak requires more than just one part of the brain and we need many different parts of the brain to work properly. Our goal is at the end of every visit to have a healthy brain and spine to put your life back inline!



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